Why You Should Go to Our Belait Bookswap

A lot of readers are recluse people. They establish a firm relationship with the familiar touch of hardback against their palm and the soft edges of paper on the tip of their fingers. They connect strongly to their e-reader, knowing which spot they accidentally dented last week, rolling their eyes to the vapid debate of physical books vs e-readers going on online.

When they finish that brilliant book—that one book that made them “feel all the feels”—they want nothing more than to break out of their shell and tell to the world, “That was amazing! I must talk to someone about this book!”

Which is why you, avid Brunei readers, should go to B:READ’s Belait Bookswap on 11 March 2012 in OGDC.

I have lived in two countries. One is the place where my blood first spilled, the other is the place where my mind wanders to constantly because readers were abundant and intellectual discussions between shisha puffs lingers like the smoke before it escapes out the window. I miss the latter (Singapore!), but I am in the former now (Brunei!)

So, I cannot emphasise to you what a blessing B:READ’s book swaps and book meets have been in my life since I have moved back, and what a blessing it would be to you if you have that need to discuss about books!

The basis of the event is to swap books–a barter trade system–but the essence of it has always been the people: the enthusiastic and passionate discussions over writing and stories wrapped around intellectual wit which results in laughter and glee.

Our discussions in the past have varied from fangirling over Nicholas Sparks to dramatic readings of love advice column to guessing what book is being minimised into a set of Tweets to summarising Ombak Rindu! We have had heads shooting up from the middle of daydreaming at the mention of ‘Harry Potter’ and stunned silence from a summary of a meta-fiction. This is the essence and more.

Come join us this Sunday because it will be great, and we are coaxing you with cupcakes sponsored by the fantastic Mr Baker. Readers can be greedy when it comes to that one book they keep very close to their hearts, but keeping cupcakes to ourselves during the event will do us no good except long for the companion of fellow book lovers and mull over the future prospect of diabetes.


(Originally posted on our Tumblr by Teah)

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