B:READ’s 1st Free Library at Gloria Jean’s

Hi everyone! We’re super happy to announce that you may now visit our first ‘Free Library’, located at Gloria Jean’s Coffees at Citis Square (the block between Times Square Shopping Centre and Padang Kebajikan, Berakas).

We’re kicking off with around 15 good books, which you can find on a small shelf inside the cafe. This batch includes books for children, teenagers and adults (we hope your kids aren’t drinking too much of that coffee). We’ve included several classics, various genres such as comedy and thriller, and also Brunei literature.

How does the Free Library work? Feel ‘free’ to pick up a book! The fun doesn’t stop there, though!

  • You can read it while enjoying your coffee in the cafe, OR
  • You can also bring it home and return it at a later date, OR
  • If you enjoy the book so much, you are encouraged to keep it and swap it with your own book from your own personal shelf.

Yes, you may notice that this system is similar to our popular Bookswap events. No amount of money is spent through this system, just an exchange of books from one individual to another.

With the swap system in place, more books of different genres are expected to make its way onto the shelf. The shelf will also be replenished at least once a month with new titles.

What kind of books should you give back? We would like to remind you to please not ‘cheat’ and swap the books with textbooks, outdated books (e.g. Horoscopes 2010, Best British Universities 2002), or books in unreadable condition. Rule of thumb: If it’s not a book you would have ever picked up to read, it’s probably not a good fit; try a different book!

We believe that reading should be made available for everyone, and we hope that alongside our Bookswap events, our Free Library can provide you with more options that cannot either be found in local libraries or bookshops, all at a free or swap cost.

More Free Libraries under B:Read are expected to pop up soon. For now, pop over to Gloria Jean’s Coffee and you might find a book you have been dying to read on the shelf!

Last but not least!

Free Library Labels by Wirdy, 'Hi! I am from a B:READ (Bruneians Read) Free Library. You may take me home and enjoy my company...'

Our beautiful posters and labels were created by the amazing Wirdy Hamidy. Yes, we know; we can’t stop looking at them either! (Please, please go give her some love)

6 thoughts on “B:READ’s 1st Free Library at Gloria Jean’s

  1. Student

    Yay!!! Can we donate some books to the library, without swapping with the books already available? Just to add to the collection 🙂

    1. hazirah

      Hi ‘Student’! If it’s a few books, feel free to drop them off. If you have a lot to donate, you could contact us first at breadbn@gmail.com or through our Facebook. You can pass the books to us and we can save them for a future Free Library at a different venue, or for a Bookswap. Thanks for your question! 🙂


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