B:READ November Bookswap 2013

Hi everyone!

B:READ is pleased to announce that our next bookswap is happening is less than two weeks, on Sunday 24th November 2013, from 11 am to 6 pm, at the Mabohai Shopping Complex!

That awesome poster above was created by our very own Faiq!

Like our past bookswaps, in addition to the bookswap event, expect lots of activities on that day such as:

  • Reader’s Meet: Reader’s Meet opens a pathway for you to talk about books! For this bookswap, the topic will revolve around literary characters–the ones you hate, the ones you adore and the ones you most want to bring home to your parents. Reader’s Meet will be at 1pm.
  • Dramatic Readings: Join us as we dramatise letters to editors, lyrics and fan fictions! The Readings will be at 330pm.
  • Colouring Contest: Want your children to have activities to do on a Sunday? Drop by and let them enter our colouring contest! Best ones wins a prize! Prize giving will be at 5pm.
  • As well as other activities, such as
    • Impromptu children’s readings: We will be holding readings for children throughout the day. Leave your children with us while you go around finding books you want to swap!
    • Continue the Story: A writing activity for all! We give you five words, and different people come together contributing five words each turn to create one very complicated–and often very humourous–story!

If this is your first time attending our bookswap, we’ve put up a helpful page here to guide you through the process. If you still have any questions, shoot off in the comments below, plus our volunteers will also be able to help you on the day, so all you need to do is bring your books, and a bag or box to put them in.

You can get more details about the swap on our Facebook event page: http://on.fb.me/mabohaibookswap

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