What Books Can You Swap?

We often get asked about the kinds of books you can swap during our bookswap events. We have, in our bookswap page, laid out the kinds of books you can swap. Here’s another entry dedicated to the subject matter!

The following are books we do not accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Phonebooks
  • Outdated business/dictionary books
  • Game cheats
  • Magazines
  • Books on zodiacs
  • Harlequin romance
  • Controversial subject matter (on religion, mostly)
  • Books that are heavily damaged i.e. broken spine, no front cover, ripped pages regardless of the writer

We’ve been asked why we don’t accept harlequin romance. We used to, and at one point we received so many that it overwhelmed out collection. Unfortunately, we discover that harlequin romance books are not books people want to swap. Hence, we give them out for free instead. We have nothing against harlequin romance as a genre, we just have a problem that it would dominate a majority of our swap pool. We want to expand the genres we have, not limit it to one that not everyone wants to read. You’re welcomed to scour our Free Books collection, though, if you want some harlequin romances forĀ free!

As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking into swapping a book, you’d want to find something that is in good condition, right? Even if the papers are yellowing or if there are minor dents on the cover, you’d still want to swap the books, correct? Second-hand bookshops would not accept heavily damaged books. We do not either. Share books that are in good condition! Don’t turn people off from reading by swapping a book that damaged spine or ripped pages!

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