Bookswap: Books of Tomorrow, Today

We are back with another bookswap! This time, it is in space! At least that is what we would like you to imagine with the theme “Books of Tomorrow, Today!”.

Bring your pre-loved books and swap for new ones at the bookswap! We have a collection of 300 books for you to swap! Meet people, read at the event, bring your family and friends!


B:Read will also be holding activities throughout the day, which includes quizzes and group story writing.  The details to the activities are as follow:

Continue the Story
all day
What is it?: Five words, that is all it takes for stories to unfold. Continue the Story is a writing activity open to everyone where we get everyone to write one story. The catch is you only have five words to add to the story before the next person chips in another five words. Hilarity ensues, drama unfurls, and tears are shed.

What Did I Write?!
all day
What is it?: So you think you know about what writers wrote what? If you do (or don’t), then join us for this quiz! The more answers you get right, the more points you get. Gather your points for the quiz and stand a chance to win tiny prizes from us!

Blind Date: “Recommend Me a Book”
What is it?: Not sure what to read next? Well, we can help you with that! We recommend going on our blind speed date! But our speed date has a catch: your topic of discussion will centre around your favourite book or have your “date” recommend you a book. You’ll meet several people, and you’ll talk about books–what a life! Whether you and an individual end up together is beyond us, but you just might have a new book on your list. Sign up here to join this activity!

Dramatic Readings
What is it?: How would the lyrics of modern day poet Nicki Minaj sounds like if we put some flair in the reading of her words? We bring several people to read texts of their choice and to read them dramatically in this session of complete silliness.

If you’d like to participate, or recommend something for us to read during the dramatic reading, email us at

We hope to see you there!

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