About the B:Read Team

The People Behind B:Read

With our surnames in alphabetical order (’cause that’s how a library would probably catalogue us):

1 – These guys are usually described as B:Read’s co-founders, but this just means they met up one afternoon at a coffee shop and decided to create B:Read. All of us make up the core committee!

2 – His surname is secret?

Contact B:Read to reach all of us at once! If you’re interested in our individual projects (which some of us do have), check our individual Twitter profiles for links and more info.

We also have an awesome Event Committee that volunteer during our events! Much love to them 😀

The Band

Jay, Teah and Nazmi from the album art

The Band in 2014

Band line-up

We’re The Rotis!

  • Vocals: Faiq (lead), everyone else
  • Guitar: Jay (lead), Faiq (acoustic), Nazmi (rhythm/acoustic)
  • Ukulele: Jay
  • Bass: Teah
  • Percussion & Drums: Teah, Zairina
  • Keyboard: Hazirah, Zairina
  • Harmonica: Hazirah




  • Rise Doe (Teah)
  • Rye Me A River (Teah)

Album: WhatsApp Conversation 4:35 PM 12 May

  • A Wholemeal World (Zairina)
  • Loaf Song (Teah)
  • And I WIll Always Loaf You (Jay)
  • Dough Days Are Over (Zairina)
  • Donut Say You Loaf Me (Teah)
  • Shake Your Bun Bun (Teah)
  • Don’t You Baguette About Me (Bonus) (Jay)

Album: Another WhatsApp Conversation, Same Day at 4:44 PM

  • Wheat Belong Together (Teah)
  • I Get A Rise Out Of You (Faiq)
  • You Make Me Wholemeal (Faiq)
  • You Ryely Get Me Going (Faiq)
  • Don’t You Loaf Me? (Faiq)
  • All Or Muffin (Zairina)
  • I Still Have A Crust On You (Faiq)
  • Wheat or Wheatout You (Zairina)
  • I Pita The Fool (Bonus) (Teah)

EP: Bookswaps in Unlikely Places

  • Where Will Our Next Bookswap Be
  • Stop Giving Us Bad Romance Fiction: Angry Monologue Part I (Teah)
  • These Books Are In Terrible Condition: Angry Monologue Part II (Faiq)
  • Why Is There No Bread Here


We play a couple times of year, whenever fresh supplies of bread are kneaded at local libraries…

Okay, okay! Just kidding. We’re not really musicians. Except Jay!

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