It’s true! Some of these questions actually have been asked frequently!

What’s a Bookswap, Book Meet, or (B)Read-a-Long?

Check out these special FAQs we’ve written about:

Can B:Read get involved with my school?

If you contact us, please let us know:

  • What school you’re studying/working at
  • What are your plans
  • What you would like B:READ to help with

We’re best at helping with promotion, bouncing off ideas, and cupcakes (maybe). We can’t promise to provide books, or to run an event for you. We are often unable to come to cool book-related events during school hours, sorry. BUT we’d love to hear your ideas, so do get in touch!

Can you take part in my organisation’s book-related event? (Book swap, book fair, education fair, etc.)

We MAY be able to:

  • Come to your event. Yay! The more the merrier! 😀

We can’t really promise to:

  • Set up a bookswap at your event
  • Run a booth, reading corner, or any activities at your event
  • Know the best strategies for improving literacy – we are reading enthusiasts, but not literacy experts!

We’d still be happy to hear from you. Kindly let us know your expectations when contacting us 🙂

Can you help publicise my organisation’s book-related event?

Yes, but only on the channels that we are under our control, i.e. our Facebook group and page, our Twitter, and this website.

To publicise on newspapers, radio, or social news blogs, we suggest that you contact them directly.

If you have more questions, please Contact Us!