Ok, we doubt that any of you care about this, so this is for us. For us!

(If you’d like to write about us, we have a press kit thingy containing basic information about us, how we run, and a little more info too! Or check out what’s already been written below!)

Audio & Video

  • Video: Mabohai Bookswap, RTB Rampai Pagi, Jun 2013
  • B:READ on SoundCloud
    Includes the radio interview with Pilihan FM in March 2012, in which Teah describes how B:READ was formed.

Newspaper Articles


  • Mar 1, 2012: “B:READ for the mind“, Koo Jin Shen, The Brunei Times
    Contains a charming little story about the beginnings of ‘Brunei Bookswap’ (as it was called then), and an account of the bookswap event held at Muara Beach in 2011.
  • Dec 17, 2012: “B:READ on the rise“, Faiq Airudin, The Brunei Times
    An article at the end of 2012, summarising our activity over the year. Also that headline hrrhrr.
  • Jan 29, 2015: Featured in the Call of Duty supplement, The Brunei Times

Specific pieces about our initiatives:

Teah writes stuff:


  • Jun 30, 2012:B:Read’s efforts lauded“, Tome Raider, Letter to the Editor, The Brunei Times
    Thank you, you sweet Tome Raider person, you!

For articles specific to each bookswap event, view the event pages!

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