What is a Bookswap?

A “bookswap” is our term for an event where people meet up at a place to swap books. We keep track of the books for you, and also keep the books that are left over in a “swap pool” for future Bookswaps.

It is usually a social event, where you can have refreshments and meet other book-lovers, and stay as long as you like. You can also just sit quietly and read your new books – that’s fine too!

Our first ever Bookswap event was devised by Erika Lim, and she herself got the idea from a book – how fitting!

How do I swap books at Bookswap events?

1. Bring a few books to give away. Please bring at least one book!

2. Browse the books other people brought to swap. Pick a few that you like. (Maximum books to swap: Same as number of books you bought in Step 1.)

3. If you like, talk to other people to find out more about books and make friends (optional). Don’t be shy!

4. Bring your new books home to read!

What kind of books can I swap?


We are happy with both novels and non-fiction, in either English or Bahasa Melayu! We also accept children’s books.

Please note, though, that we are likely to turn away these kinds of publications:

  • School textbooks
  • Magazines
  • Those with highly controversial subject matters

Comics or graphic novels are a grey area – please do ask us! We may ask for you to only swap comics with other comics.


We expect books to be in used condition – these are second-hand books, after all! – but it’d be great if they were still fairly readable, with pages intact!

We may still turn away books on a case-by-case basis. Our rule of thumb is that you should only give away books that you’d be happy to bring home yourself. It’s fairer for everyone! 🙂

Are there any other swapping rules?

You can choose between the “strict 1:1 swap” or choose to give away as many books as you please.

  • Strict 1:1 Swap
    For those who want to get back exactly what they give. So if you come with 5 books to give away, but want to walk away with exactly 5 books as well, please let us know when checking in your books.
  • The other kind of swap
    If you don’t mind getting back less books than you initially brought in, that’s fine too. We’ll take care of the leftover books and use them in future Bookswaps.

It does not matter if you swap a 300-page self-improvement book for a 500-page novel! We know that reading preferences can be broad, or evolve over time. Go ahead and explore new genres!

What if I don’t want to give away my books, or if I have no books to give away?

That’s fine. You can still come and talk to us about books!

If you’re more into lending and borrowing, why not join our B:READ Bookswap group on Facebook? You can arrange to borrow/lend books with other members.

You can also join our Book Meets, where we talk about books with each other, argue over related topics such as writing and pop culture, laugh hysterically, and generally revel in the company of other bookworms. (It’s more awesome than it sounds.)

2 thoughts on “Bookswaps

  1. sonal tripathi

    I have been to bookswap once only two month ago, now eagerly waiting for next one. I finished all the books –
    When is the next one. Hope it will be soon.
    Any other ways to swap the books.

    1. hazirah Post author

      Hi Sonal! Glad you enjoyed our bookswap, if you went to the one in November 🙂 We’re actually having a month-long Donations/Adoptions event now, kind of like a long bookswap! The info will be up on here soon, but you can also check our Instagram account in the meantime. There’s also our Free Libraries where the books can be swapped anytime.


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