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B:Read Free Library at Blitz Yogurt!

After its launch last year at Gloria Jean’s Coffees Citisquare, we are happy to announce another location you can find for our Free Library Initiative: Blitz Yogurt at Mabohai Shopping Complex!

You can find around 20 books on the shelf inside the shop ranging from fiction to non-fiction and genres suitable for both children and adults. So, why not nourish your body and mind with a book and some frozen yogurt?

How does the Free Library work? Feel ‘free’ to pick up a book! The fun doesn’t stop there, though!

  • You can read it while enjoying your frozen yogurt and treats in the shop, OR
  • You can also bring it home and return it at a later date, OR
  • If you enjoy the book so much, you are encouraged to keep it and swap it with your own book from your own personal shelf.

This is similar to our bookswap system! We’re just making this available on an everyday basis instead of holding bookswap events all the time!

The books will be replenished once every month, so expect new books on the shelf regularly!

What kind of books should you give back? We would like to remind you to please not ‘cheat’ and swap the books with textbooks, outdated books (e.g. Horoscopes 2010, Best British Universities 2002), or books in unreadable condition. Rule of thumb: If it’s not a book you would have ever picked up to read, it’s probably not a good fit; try a different book!

We believe that reading should be made available for everyone, and we hope that alongside our Bookswap events, our Free Library can provide you with more options that cannot either be found in local libraries or bookshops, all at a free or swap cost.

We would like to give our thanks to Blitz for giving us the opportunity to expand our initiative!

If you’re an owner of a cafe or restaurant and is interested in having our Free Library in your premise, feel free to contact us!