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B:Read Free Library at Blitz Yogurt!

After its launch last year at Gloria Jean’s Coffees Citisquare, we are happy to announce another location you can find for our Free Library Initiative: Blitz Yogurt at Mabohai Shopping Complex!

You can find around 20 books on the shelf inside the shop ranging from fiction to non-fiction and genres suitable for both children and adults. So, why not nourish your body and mind with a book and some frozen yogurt?

How does the Free Library work? Feel ‘free’ to pick up a book! The fun doesn’t stop there, though!

  • You can read it while enjoying your frozen yogurt and treats in the shop, OR
  • You can also bring it home and return it at a later date, OR
  • If you enjoy the book so much, you are encouraged to keep it and swap it with your own book from your own personal shelf.

This is similar to our bookswap system! We’re just making this available on an everyday basis instead of holding bookswap events all the time!

The books will be replenished once every month, so expect new books on the shelf regularly!

What kind of books should you give back? We would like to remind you to please not ‘cheat’ and swap the books with textbooks, outdated books (e.g. Horoscopes 2010, Best British Universities 2002), or books in unreadable condition. Rule of thumb: If it’s not a book you would have ever picked up to read, it’s probably not a good fit; try a different book!

We believe that reading should be made available for everyone, and we hope that alongside our Bookswap events, our Free Library can provide you with more options that cannot either be found in local libraries or bookshops, all at a free or swap cost.

We would like to give our thanks to Blitz for giving us the opportunity to expand our initiative!

If you’re an owner of a cafe or restaurant and is interested in having our Free Library in your premise, feel free to contact us!

New location for B:Read @ braid bar

Hi everyone! We’ll be at the braid bar again this weekend, Sunday 20th April, but the venue will now be Samo Furniture, Kiulap.

Come and enjoy our reading corner and our “pay what you want” books! From 11 am to 7.30 pm, and we’ll be there every 2 weeks until Sunday, 18th May 2014.


We'll be at Samo Furniture, starting 20th April

P.S. Have you been enjoying our weekly illustrations for braid bar on Twitter and Instagram? They are by our talented Jay Johar!

Used books for sale @ braid bar

Hello! In addition to our reading corner at the braid bar (which you can read about here), we have changed the “free library” concept temporarily to a “pay what you want” system.

This means that the used books provided at the reading corner will be on sale at any price you wish – 0 cents, 50 cents, $1, $3, whatever you think it’s worth! Money goes to our admin funds, we don’t take profit.

We’ll be trying it out this Sunday, 6th April 2014. Remember, it’s at the Kaleidoscope Gallery in Kiulap from 11 am to 7.30 pm, and we’ll be there every 2 weeks until Sunday, 18th May 2014.

See you there!

Our reading corner at braid bar. Shelves, cushions, and a deer - kind of.

Our reading corner at braid bar

B:Read reading corner @ the collective’s braid bar

Hi everyone! Has it been a bit quiet since our last swap? Then you might look forward to our reading corner at the collective’s braid bar & creative arts festival, every 2 weeks from 23 March to 18 May!

poster - the collective's braid bar

Our reading corner operates like our free library concept, so you can casually swap books or just hang around and read 🙂

Venue: Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kiulap
(Entry via Saffron Cafe, Shakirin Complex)
Time: 11 am to 7.30 pm
Days: 23 March, 6 April, 20 April, 4 May, 18 May (every two Sundays!)

Aside from our reading corner, there’s loads more happening with braid workshops and creative arts, check out the collective on their Facebook page or Instagram for more info!

See you there!

What Books Can You Swap?

We often get asked about the kinds of books you can swap during our bookswap events. We have, in our bookswap page, laid out the kinds of books you can swap. Here’s another entry dedicated to the subject matter!

The following are books we do not accept:

  • Textbooks
  • Phonebooks
  • Outdated business/dictionary books
  • Game cheats
  • Magazines
  • Books on zodiacs
  • Harlequin romance
  • Controversial subject matter (on religion, mostly)
  • Books that are heavily damaged i.e. broken spine, no front cover, ripped pages regardless of the writer

We’ve been asked why we don’t accept harlequin romance. We used to, and at one point we received so many that it overwhelmed out collection. Unfortunately, we discover that harlequin romance books are not books people want to swap. Hence, we give them out for free instead. We have nothing against harlequin romance as a genre, we just have a problem that it would dominate a majority of our swap pool. We want to expand the genres we have, not limit it to one that not everyone wants to read. You’re welcomed to scour our Free Books collection, though, if you want some harlequin romances for free!

As a rule of thumb, if you’re looking into swapping a book, you’d want to find something that is in good condition, right? Even if the papers are yellowing or if there are minor dents on the cover, you’d still want to swap the books, correct? Second-hand bookshops would not accept heavily damaged books. We do not either. Share books that are in good condition! Don’t turn people off from reading by swapping a book that damaged spine or ripped pages!