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Why You Should Go to Our Belait Bookswap

A lot of readers are recluse people. They establish a firm relationship with the familiar touch of hardback against their palm and the soft edges of paper on the tip of their fingers. They connect strongly to their e-reader, knowing which spot they accidentally dented last week, rolling their eyes to the vapid debate of physical books vs e-readers going on online.

When they finish that brilliant book—that one book that made them “feel all the feels”—they want nothing more than to break out of their shell and tell to the world, “That was amazing! I must talk to someone about this book!”

Which is why you, avid Brunei readers, should go to B:READ’s Belait Bookswap on 11 March 2012 in OGDC.

I have lived in two countries. One is the place where my blood first spilled, the other is the place where my mind wanders to constantly because readers were abundant and intellectual discussions between shisha puffs lingers like the smoke before it escapes out the window. I miss the latter (Singapore!), but I am in the former now (Brunei!)

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Perhaps a generalisation that requires an in-depth study into the culture of reading, but it is safe to conclude that there is a nonchalant attitude towards reading in Brunei. Debates have sparked on Twitter about whether reading is essential in an everyday life, and discussions have seeped its way into the cracks of e-mails looking into different variables on what has caused a weak reading culture in the country.

But nay! Reading is a powerful tool in the current world environment, and people need to realise that and give themselves the ammo to intellectually adapt in that environment especially with the interconnectivity of global relationship!

Here are essential reasons why reading is crucial:

Firstly, in this advance society where a Blackberry is practically sewn to your chest, and an iPad glued to your hips, the transfer of information is at its current peak. It will move faster in the future once they start installing those fibre optics Internet connection I kept reading about on the newspaper.

With the quick transfer of information, people are able to think better for themselves and pick which part of the news they wish to read and ignore. People are far more opinionated, and if you’re going to disagree with this, please refer to a website called ‘YouTube’ and study the comments section.

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