(B)Read-A-Long: The Hobbit – List of Weekly Discussions

Our first (B)Read-A-Long was for J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, completed on 12 Feb 2013. So how did it go? Here’s a summary of our weekly discussions, held on the B:READ Bookswap Group on Facebook:

Week 1 – In full appreciation of the hobbit lifestyle, we discuss all four types of breakfast. Jay points out how meals are used in Tolkien’s books and the movies based on them. We couldn’t resist making some comparisons to the films. We wonder whether Elves are just “speciesist”, or just bullies. We wonder if we, like Bilbo, could be seduced to leave the comforts of our home and go on an adventure.

Week 2 – Teah asks us to ship either Gollum/Ring or Bilbo/Bag End. No one ships Gollum/Bilbo. We admire the riddles, and discuss Gollum’s personality and whether he is “bad” or just a slave of the Ring. A couple of (B)Read-A-Long participants chime in with their progress. Kris, a reader of primarily non-fiction, tells us how she is beginning to appreciate the Fantasy genre: “its interesting how we can perceive the messages behind the story and relate soem of it with real life”.

Week 3 – Hug, marry, kill: Bilbo, Bombur, Beorn. Could you really choose? We also admire how Bilbo starts taking the initiative. And Beorn? He is everyone’s grandfather.

Week 4 – We enjoy Bilbo’s encounter with Smaug. Joyce’s favourite character is the Arkenstone, but we all really love Bilbo.

Week 5 – Franz and Teah teeter on the beginnings of a discussion about Tolkien and racism, but suddenly we get a strange music video instead. Nazmi has likened cram to Jacob’s Cream Crackers: “biscuitish, sustaining, not entertaining”.

Week 6 – Joyce speculates on how the second and third movies for The Hobbit will line up to the events of the book. She and Hazirah are mildly curious about Beorn’s descendants and how they fared in LOTR. This was the last week, so we wonder (and never really find out) how many people made it to the end of the read-a-long!

Please do join us in our future (B)Read-A-Longs!

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