What do we do at meet-ups? Where are they usually held?

Our meet-ups are called “Book Meets” and we try to make them fun! We have had themes such as “favourite books” and “favourite writers” and we let everyone have a turn  to speak. We also like to take to expand on the topic and then go on tangents, until someone tries to get us back on track. Our Book Meets are usually full of laughter and we always look forward to meeting new people. 😀

Our “usual” venue (3 out of 4 times) is Au Lait Cafe at Q-lap Mall, Kiulap. We’re sorry we can’t hold Book Meets in other districts.

How do I join a Book Meet?

Just click “Join” when you see our next Book Meet posted on Facebook. After that, just turn up! There’s no fee, although if you order a significant amount food and drinks it’d be great if you could cover the cost 😉

Don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch. 🙂 Bring a friend if you feel shy!

When’s the next Book Meet?

We try to have a Book Meet every one or two months, unless there is already a Bookswap happening in that month. If it’s been too long since the last one, please do bug us about it!

We post our events to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and of course our blog and our newsletter, so you shouldn’t be missing out!

Can I see what the previous Book Meets were like?

Check out previous Book Meets in our blog, as well as the photo album on Facebook.

Can I hold my own Book Meet or meet-up for book-lovers?

Sure! If you hold your own meet-up, we’d love to hear about it!