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World Book Day 2016 – Donation & Adoption FAQs

Donation Box at Piccolo Cafe - thanks for the donations so far!

Donation Box at Piccolo Cafe – thanks for the donations so far!

For our World Book Day 2016 event, we have put a few rules in place for Donations & Adoptions – this is not just an opportunity to “get rid of your old books”!

The purpose of the book adoption is to encourage the reading community to share (good) books with one another, while also giving opportunities to those who may not have the means to buy books. So please respect the rules, as it makes a better experience for all of us 🙂

Rules for Donation

  1. How many books can I donate at a time?
    No more than 10 at a time, during donation period (19th March to 16th April) only.
    Edit: You can now also donate books during the adoption period (17th April to 24th April) – thank you!
  2. What types of books are accepted?
    Fiction and non-fiction, in any language. Includes children’s books.
    We will NOT accept school textbooks, magazines
  3. What condition of books is accepted?
    Books in used/pre-loved condition is fine, but only if they are still readable, with pages intact.
  4. What is the process to donate books?
    Just drop off books at our drop spots during the donation period! You may also leave a short note to explain what the book meant to you, or your wishes for the next book owner.

Rules for Adoption

  1. How many books can I adopt at a time?
    Each adoptee can take no more than 5 books each day, during adoption period (17th to 24th April) only.
  2. What is the process to adopt books?
    Just come to The Energy Kitchen during the adoption period, and browse books from the bookshelves! You can leave a note to the World Book Day team if you wish 🙂
  3. Is anything else happening during the adoption period?
    Throughout the week we’ll leave up our community activity “Continue The Story” for anyone to read or contribute to. We also have weekend events on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th April that are open to join – more info about them here!


  1. After the adoption period, what will happen to leftover books, if any?
    We hope there won’t be any leftovers! But if there are, some books may be donated to a school, some may be recycled or donated for arts & crafts uses (yup we’re gonna cut ‘em up!), and others will go into B:Read’s pool of books for free libraries and bookswaps.
Donation Rules at one of our drop spots

Donation Rules at one of our drop spots

If you have any further questions, you may ask at @worldbookdaybrunei on Instagram, or any of B:Read’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You may also contact us at breadbn@gmail.com.

(Link to this page: http://breadbn.brublogs.org/?p=942)