Free Library

Our Free Libraries, inspired by the Little Free Library and similar initiatives worldwide, allows you to pick up a book from selected locations, and either read them there or take them home. Our first was launched on 9th May 2013 at Gloria Jean’s Coffees at Citis Square.

How does a Free Library work, exactly?

First, find one! Next, pick up a book, and…

  • Read it while waiting or enjoying a coffee, OR
  • Bring it home and return it at a later date, OR
  • If you enjoy the book so much, you may keep it and swap it with your own book from your own personal shelf.

That’s it! No need to let us know if you’ve borrowed or swapped a book… unless you really want to 😉 You can mention us on Twitter (@breadbn) or Instagram (@bruneiansread), or tell others!

Where can I find B:READ’s Free Libraries?

Please give some love to all our free libraries! <3

Main Free Library

Visit the collective maker space – Our b:readquarters for 2016!

  • Opening hours: 10am to 6pm everyday, except on event days for the collective.
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Unit 6, Spg 68, Jln Batu Bersurat.

Free Libraries in Brunei-Muara

  1. Gloria Jean’s Coffee @ Citis Square, Kg Jaya Setia Berakas (Visit on Facebook)
  2. Blitz Yogurt @ Mabohai Shopping Complex, Jln Kebangsaan (Visit on Facebook)
  3. Peppermint Cafe, Beribi (Visit on Facebook)

Free Libraries in Belait

  1. Breadcrumbs Cafe, Jln Pantai Liang (Visit on Facebook)

Please note: Free Libraries listed here are the ones that we help manage and promote. Certainly it does not cover every “little free library” in Brunei and you are free to set up your own! We’d like to give a big thanks to every establishment that has kindly given us space for our Free Libraries. 🙂

Why have Free Libraries?

  • Like our Bookswaps, our Free Library gives you another option to get books that possibly cannot be found in local libraries or bookshops, at a free/swap cost. We want reading to be available for everyone!
  • Our Bookswaps have been popular and oft-requested; however, the core committee cannot regularly meet these demands. The Free Libraries allow you to get new books to read or swap, while you wait for a Bookswap event. You’re welcome 😉

Why is it “free”? Aren’t most public libraries free…?

Our Free Library is not just ‘free’ in the transactional sense, but you are also ‘free’ to take books in and out as you wish, without needing to record it or sign up for anything.

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